TikTok is increasing video length limit from 60 seconds to 3 minutes

Neural writer by TNW Thomas discusses AI in all its forms. Likes Werner Herzog films, Arsenal FC. Neural by TNW Thomas is a writer who covers AI in all iterations. Likes Werner Herzog movies and Arsenal FC.TikTok users will soon be able to create longer videos. The company will soon allow users to create longer videos, ranging from 60 seconds up to three minutes.TikTok has been using the expanded format since late 2013. The company will begin rolling out this option in the next few weeks.Drew Kirchhoff, product manager, stated that the changes would allow for richer storytelling and entertainment via the app.Creators are familiar with how to weave multi-part stories on TikTok. We all know the phrase "like and follow for part 3", but we hear often from creators that they would love to have more time to create elaborate beauty tutorials, cooking demonstrations, educational lesson plans and comedic sketches using TikTok's creative tools. Creators will be able to make longer videos and have more flexibility.The company shared some examples of creators who experimented with longer videos.Quick Take:Initial TikTok videos could not exceed 15 seconds. Later, the limit was increased to one minute. Although the app's rise has been attributed to its short timeframe, it is no longer an advantage. TikTok now faces two rivals in Snapchat Spotlight or YouTube Shorts. They have the same maximum video length.Instagram also launched Reels to fight TikTok, and plans to expand into video.TikToks' expansion to three minutes could make the app stand out from younger competitors and increase its competition with YouTube. It may lose some of its charm, and it could test viewers' attention span.Did you know that we have a newsletter dedicated to consumer tech? Plugged In is the name of this newsletter and you can sign up right here.