Ghost of Tsushima is getting an enhanced director's cut on the PS4 and PS5

The enhanced directors cut edition of Ghost of Tsushima, a Sony and Sucker Punchs game, will be available for the PS4/PS5 and will feature a new island and all the content previously released for the original game. The updated game will be released on August 20th.Sucker Punch claims that the new content will take place on Iki. There will be new characters, environments and armor, as well as enemies and new story content. In a blog post, Sucker Punch's Andrew Goldfarb stated that there are new animals you can pet.Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut will include additional content. It will also feature PS5-exclusive features like adaptive triggers and haptic feedback on the DualSense controller. The PS5 version will also feature lip-syncing voices for the Japanese voiceover option. This addresses a major criticism of the original game.Goldfarb stated that there will be improvements to 3D audio on PS5 and significantly improved load times, 4K resolution options, and framerates of 60 FPS for PS5 versions. These updates could improve on the PS5 optimization patch Sucker Punch that was released last year.According to Goldfarb, Ghost of Tsushima owners who already own the game will receive a patch with some of the latest updates. Existing owners can also transfer their save to the PS5 version.Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut will be available for purchase on its own at $69.99 on the PS5 or $59.99 on PS4. The path to upgrade to the directors cut for the PS4 game Ghost of Tsushima is more complicated if you already own the original game. Here's how Sony puts it:For $19.99 USD, you can pre-order the upgrade to Directors Cut if Ghost of Tsushima is already on your PS4. The upgrade will be available from August 20. Beginning August 20, Directors Cut PS4 owners will be able upgrade to Directors Cut PS5 anytime for $9.99 USD. You can also upgrade from original Ghost of Tsushima PS4 to Directors Cut PS5 for $29.99 USDIt means that if you want to upgrade to PS5 version it will cost $30. You can choose to pay $20 now, $10 on August 20, or $30 at launch.