Apple Launches Limited In-Person Apple Camp Sessions for Kids

Apple has opened registrations for Apple Camp today. This is a summer program that Apple stores offer for children. Apple will host a limited number of sessions in Apple Stores this summer, which is a departure from last years when Apple Camp was made available in-home. Apple Camp is available to children 8-12 years old, but there are very few sessions and they are generally only offered in major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Apple currently offers one Clips session for iPad users. The company claims that this will enable children to create "movie magic" by creating short videos. You can sign up at the Apple Camp section on the Today at Apple website. A new activity guide for children who live outside the Apple Camp area can be downloaded. You can find a complete list of activities, including creating a photo album with textures, creating a storybook featuring toys, making a map of the area, and making GarageBand songs.


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