American Airlines Sues Sabre Over How Tickets Are Displayed to Travel Agencies

American Airlines sued Sabre this week in Texas to stop Sabre's new method of showing airfares on its reservation systems.American claimed Sabres new format of displaying airfares violates its contract with American, biasing search results in favor Delta Air Lines.As Skift reported, Sabre had announced a multiyear distribution agreement with Delta in May. It promised to use modern methods for merchandising airline content.American stated that it found many instances in which the storefront favoured Delta products over American products after reviewing a Sabre preview. This included displays that misrepresent, omit or hide certain American products.This is in violation of Sabre's contract that requires the tech company to display its content accurately, fairly and neutrally.American Airlines and Sabre were previously at odds in court over topics like US Airways' merger partner and other antitrust allegations. Sabre has denied these claims.Sabre stated that it did not have any comment on the lawsuit.Below is a lawsuitDownload (PDF, 705KB).