New Platinum referral offer: Get +4x in select categories

Amex Platinum cardholders can now refer a friend or family member to receive +4 points for every dollar spent at restaurants around the world. You will also get a 6 month free bonus if you shop in the US and make purchases of up to $25,000 within the USA. This is a great deal for referring a friend or family member to the best offer, and also earning points bonus.Quick ThoughtsAs you can see, the person who refers a new cardholder will receive 30,000 points (upto an annual cap at 55,000), plus 4 points per dollar spent in restaurants around the world and when they shop in the US for less than $25,000. This is in addition to a maximum of $25K in total purchases over the next six months. This offer can only be used once per card, so it may not work for you.However, a referral can still be worth as much as 130,000 points to the person who made it. This is in addition to the 125,000 points and 10x for the person opening the account. Some people have received referral offers worth up to 45,000 points in recent times. We are not certain if these people are seeing the offer for +4x.This offer appears to be targeted and only available for vanilla Platinum card accounts. My wife received this offer on her Platinum card account, but another member of the family did not. My guess is that my wife's Platinum card account was opened in the last year, while the account of another family member was opened just a few months ago. It is possible that only Platinum card accounts opened prior to a certain date will be eligible for the +4x referral. However, I don't know the exact cutoff. In April, the Frequent Miler team opened the latest open date for a card that offered the +4 discount.You can earn more points if you play in 2-player mode, and spend more than $8666.67 at small restaurants and businesses. The Resy offer will give you 15x on purchases up to $25K worldwide. For more information, see our post on this deal.This is a nice way to reward friends for referring others.