10-year-old who played dead survives after parents and sister were shot and killed in Houston

After pretending to be dead, a 10-year-old girl was able to survive a shooting in Houston on Wednesday.After 10:30 p.m., police responded to calls about shots being fired near West Airport Boulevard. Three people were killed and three others were injured, including the child's father, mother, and sister (6 years old). Family members reported that the 10-year-old girl received a gunshot to her arm and was taken to a hospital.WOMAN KILLED IN ANNAPOLIS BY STRAYBULLET AFTER DROPPING HER SON OFF TO NAVAL ACADEMYAfter being shot, the girl apparently had played dead and alerted her family to the presence of a man wearing a mask who lined up her family on a couch before shooting them all in their heads.A family member claimed that the girl had called her grandmother via FaceTime following the incident and shown her the scene.Angela Ervin, a relative, said that she heard her say, "Granny, somebody came in and shot my mom, my dad and my sister and they're all dead." "She was there for approximately 15 minutes with the bodies before we arrived."The couple who died had four kids, including a 1-year old boy who was not injured and an 8 year-old boy who was at his uncles house when the shooting took place."This is a very, very sad scene. Patricia Cantu, Assistant Police Chief, said that the officers are sending prayers out to the family. "This was an extremely difficult scene for us all, the officers and the families. We are sending our prayers and hoping that anyone has any information.The police do not hold a suspect in their custody.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION FROM THE WASHINGTON XAMINERThe Washington Examiner requested information from the Houston Police Department, but they did not respond immediately.Washington Examiner VideosTags: Houston, crime, news, shootingMica Soellner is the original authorOriginal Location: A 10-year-old girl who plays dead survived after her sister and parents were killed in Houston