China and EU obliterate the US in EV production

Ioanna works as a writer for SHIFT. She enjoys the change from old to new, and is all about shifting perspectives. Ioanna works as a writer for SHIFT. She enjoys the transition between old and modern, as well as shifting perspectives.Despite American giants such as GM, Ford and Tesla investing heavily in electric vehicle production, the US still lags behind the rest of the world in the EV market. The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has confirmed this in its latest report.China, the world's largest producer of electric vehicles, accounts for almost half (44%) the global production of EVs through 2020. It has 4.6 million units in manufacturing, and sales.It would be reasonable to expect the US to rank at least second, but it is Europe that ranks the next 25%. It sold 3.2million EVs and made 2.6million EVs in this year.The States are third with only 18% of cumulative electric vehicle manufacturing. This is down from 20 percent in 2017.ICCT concluded that this is due to two factors that favor growth in China and Europe: improved regulations, infrastructure, incentives, and larger commitments by global EV automakers.Particularly, 15% of the $345 billion in EV investment made by global car manufacturers seems to be headed for the US. Only 5% of that amount is being directed to American assembly plants to increase electric vehicle production.Similar statements were made by automakers about a 22-million annual sales volume for EVs by 2025. However, only 2.3 million EVs are currently planned to be produced in the United States.The US is at serious risk of falling behind its rivals in the long-term, with only 7 of 44 major American assembly plants agreeing to make electric vehicles starting in 2025.Are EVs able to excite your electrons. Are ebikes able to get your wheels turning? Are self-driving cars able to get you going?You need the weekly newsletter from SHIFT. Sign up by clicking here