Germany's icon group VC bets $30M to back startups enabling traditional companies to pivot ' TechCrunch

The icon group is a $30M VC fund that has been launched from Germany's iconmobile group, which is part of the WPP network agency. This means that the company will be reorganized from a full-service innovation agent to also offer VC backing.Although iconmobile is known for being a pioneering technology, design and sustainability agency, the turnaround means that it will now back tech startups that allow traditional businesses to reinvent their business models, as well as the way they reach consumers.The new icon ventures VC fund is accompanied by a new company arm: icon Impact, which will continue iconmobiles established product and experience innovation arm.The icon ventures umbrella now covers the following properties:D[AI]TA is a white-label sustainable laundry system that filters microplastic fibers using smart washing machines and reduces chemical contaminants. Smart grid washing also saves energy. It tracks the items washed and worn and sends this data to retailers.banbutsu is a sustainable last-mile fulfillmenticon Incar is a mobility company that offers a unique experienceThomas Fellger is the founder of icon group. He said that icon group brings innovation from the idea stage to scale, whether it's creating the first connected toothbrush by Oral-B, or UX/UI design for some of the most prestigious automotive brands in the world. With the addition of a venture fund, it is possible to create the things you believe in without having to wait for permission or allocate additional budget. We can invest in opportunities that have proven impact and deep knowledge, which sets us apart from other big five companies.He said to me via a phone call: We are better than most companies at turning our R&D knowledge into a quick business opportunity. We found an infrared sensor that can measure the air quality in Egypt. We were aware that we needed this kind of data so we created a new product. We will be able to connect the dots between different products and services from various industries. This will allow them to see their business in a new light.