NFT of the World Wide Web's source code sells for $5.4 million

The NFT season continues to be strong.Sir Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, sold the NFT of the source code to the auction for $5,434,500. It was up for auction on June 23 with a $1,000 starting bid.Sotheby's claims that the sale proceeds will go to initiatives Sir Tim Berners-Lee supports.This NFT was put up for auction. It has allowed me to look back at the time I wrote this code, 30 years ago. And reflect on the progress the web has made and the future. Berners-Lee stated that she was thrilled that the NFT sale will help Rosemary's and my support initiatives.NFT (or non-fungible token) is a type cryptocurrency that is stored on a smart contract platform. Typically Ethereum. Each NFT is unique and unlike the interchangeable units in Bitcoin and Ethereum, they are not interchangeable. Recently, NFTs have found a market somewhere between digital collectible cards or artwork, selling for astronomical amounts. For more information on NFTs, see our explanation.The NFT sold by Berners-Lee in this case consists of four parts. It includes "original time-stamped file containing Sir Tim's source code; animated visualization of code; Sir Tim's letter reflecting on the code and its creation process; and a digital poster of Sir Tim's full Python code, including a graphic of his signature.Although the $5.4 million figure may seem high, Berners-Lee's sale does not come close to being the most expensive NFT sold. These honors go to an NFT that Beeple created, which was sold at Christie's auction for $69 million in March.