Get a dual-screen work station wherever with a portable monitor

After publication, prices and availability of deals are subject to change. The Mobile Pixels DUEX portable screen monitor is on sale at $229 (code DUEXLITE) as of July 1. This is a savings of $85. Multi-screen working can provide many benefits, including increased productivity, multitasking capabilities, speed, and other advantages. You don't have to throw out all your electronics and accessories. The Mobile Pixels DUEX portable screen monitor is all you need. The DUEX portable dual screen laptop monitor allows you to easily expand your laptop's display with the addition of another screen. You can choose from the Lite or Plus size depending on your needs. The extender attaches to your laptop using slim magnets and then slides out when you need dual monitors. The attached screen has a 1080p HD full HD display which displays your files and photos in great detail. The signals allow for super-fast video transmission, and a plug-and-play experience. It's worth a look: If your extra screen isn't in use, it can be slid over the laptop to make it smaller. It can also act as a laptop stand or protector if it's set up in portrait mode. The screen has an automatic eye-care mode that reduces harmful blue light when it is in use. The DUEX Lite 12.5 inch screen extender normally retails at $314. But, for a limited period, enter the code DUEXLITE during checkout to get the price reduced to $229. The DUEX Plus 13.3 inch dual monitor is available for purchase at $339.


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