Grow fresh produce indoors with this hydroponic grow system on sale

After publication, prices and availability of deals are subject to change.TL;DR: The AEVA modern hydroponic gardening system allows you to grow a garden inside your own home. It's now on sale for $1.099.99. That's $99.You don't need a lot of land to grow your garden. You can grow herbs, lettuce, and strawberries indoors with the AEVA modern hydroponic gardening system.The AEVA can house 16 plants. The vertical hydroponic system was specifically designed for large plants. It allows you to grow up 10 pounds per month. The AEVA can be used indoors thanks to the built-in white LED light. It is easy to set up, it doesn't need to be near any windows and you just have to plug it in. It is approximately 71.25 inches high and 37 inches wide. There are additional storage spaces for plants.After it is set up, you will need to add seeds. The starter pack includes 16 seeds. You can either choose from these or add any you already own. Place the seeds into the grow plugs, then place the plug in one of your plant holes. In a few weeks you will be able enjoy your harvest.The AEVA is already assembled so that you don't need to buy any tools or spend too much time putting it together. Only you need to decide what kind of plants you want. You can then water your pods once a week.The AEVA hydroponic plant station normally retails at $1,199. For a limited time, the price can be reduced to $1,099.99