Jadon Sancho: 'A talented traiblazer and hybrid of the modern age'

Jadon Sancho, 17 years old, joined Borussia Dortmund as a Dortmunder from Manchester City.Manchester United's 'cultural reboot', which they made public after Jose Mourinho's departure, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's arrival in 2018, is hard to define.United is not the only one to speak of their "DNA", as if there were a consistent thread running through an organization that has been around for more than 100 years.It is really a nod towards the times when a club was at its finest - it's a reminder of past glory and a feeling-good factor that promises better times.The prospect of a young Londoner playing on Old Trafford's right wing, even though the famous number seven shirt is Edinson Cavani's, brings back memories of David Beckham.His style, speed, precision, and ability to beat an adversary with a deft bit of skill or movement at the hips is straight from the playbook written by George Best, Ryan Giggs, and Cristiano Ronaldo.Four years after leaving City for Borussia Dortmund in 2002, Jadon Sancho's return to Manchester will be one the most exciting deals of the summer.His value has risen from 10m in Germany to 73m, which is a testament to the positive changes made by the 21-year old.What can United fans expect of a player who returns home from playing in a Premier League match?Coming homeSince Sancho joined the Bundesliga, a lot has happened.A series of performances at the 2017 European Under-17 Championship in which he was the player of the tournament and England reached the final, prompted him to make the decision to move there.Sancho's camp believed that Sancho was capable of much more than what was offered to him by Manchester City. City had high hopes for Sancho, offering him a 30,000 weekly salary. However, Phil Foden proved to be a case in point and Pep Guardiola believed that gradual exposure to the first team was best.Sancho refused to wait. Dortmund gave him the chance.They are currently ranked 12th on the Forbes list of the top 100 richest clubs in the world, but they still trail Bundesliga rivals Bayern Munich financially.Youth is an important part of bridge building. They show their teamsheet when pitching to youth. That teamsheet included Sancho, Erling Branut Haaland and Jude Bellingham. Haaland is 20 years old, Bellingham and Reyna are only 18.When Sancho was asked why he joined Dortmund, he replied "It's obvious." They have a lot of young players. They believe in young players."It's a big club in a good league so why not?"Sancho's logic was sound. The outcome justifies his ignoring City's contract offer and the short time he refused to train at City.Sancho cannot protect himself from an unanticipated spin-off.His popularity is undisputed in the Dortmund team. He is happy with his teammates and his surroundings.Sancho scored two goals in the 4-1 hammering at RB Leipzig, so he had every reason for happiness. These scenes went largely unnoticed in England. Most people have only ever seen Sancho's career through the occasional reminders of assists or goals.He was never comfortable being in the media spotlight, so that made him very happy.Sancho said, "Dortmund's very quiet." London is busier. Dortmund is very chill, but I like it because I can relax."The option to operate under radar when returning to England is not available.Sancho is better equipped to deal with the scrutiny than he was 17 years ago. It is there, and it can be difficult to get used to.Before he left Manchester City, Pep Guardiola was with Jadon Sancho.Street footballerSancho is a mix of the modern and ancient eras.He is an academy product. He was first at Watford and then at City. But he learned to play street football in Kennington, where he also learned how to beat his opponents. Although he was just seven years old, he would still show up to local tournaments to see if one of the teams was too short to get him a game.Sancho drew inspiration from his personal history when designing his boot collection.In an interview with Dortmund's YouTube channel, he stated that "the street football will not leave me." It was something I grew up with."What I learned through street football is what has always been my life. It's very different. It's all about having fun.Dortmunders wondered before Euro 2020 if Gareth Southgate, England's manager, knew how to incorporate that talent into his team. Sancho played just six minutes after his fourth game.Solskjaer now has the job."My strengths?" Sancho recently stated that his strengths are skills, dribbling and scoring.Sancho was injured in his thigh and missed the Champions League quarter-final loss to Manchester City. He returned for the rest of the eight-match winning streak. This earned Dortmund their first silverware in four years. It also saw them reclaim the Champions League. They were seven points behind the pace with seven matches remaining.In that sequence, Sancho scored four goals. He was also awarded two assists and was named man of the match twice.His total of 16 goals and 20 assists across all competitions adds up to 20 and 20 respectively from his previous campaign underlines his position as one of Europe’s most dangerous young players. United paid him the fourth-most expensive club signing after Harry Maguire, Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku.Old head on young shouldersSancho was eight years old when he was sent to Watford's boarding school. This was to help him travel less. He left Manchester at 14 years old. He moved to Germany at 17 years old.This career path confirms Sancho's mental strength as well as his determination to succeed.He said that he was inspired by Marcus Rashford and Kylian Mbappe, who are 15 and 29 months younger than him, and his determination to win the World Cup a few years back. One has won the World Cup. One of them is on track to win 50 England caps before reaching 24. Ambition is not an issue.He said, "If you're serious about football you must make sacrifices.""You cannot be afraid. If you aren't willing to take risks, you can't be the best.Sancho has been a role model for many promising English hopefuls, even though he didn't set out to be.Although he has not yet mastered German, he has done a great job of adjusting to the country. He doesn't have his parents as often as he used to when he moved from City. And, despite being young, he is still one of Dortmund’s most loyal players.He was in charge of the music in his dressing room. He helped Bellingham to settle in.Sancho has had to be disciplined from time to time, but those who have met him don't believe he is guilty of anything other than pushing boundaries. This isn't unusual for young men his age. Sancho has been graciously accepted his punishments.It was an incredible moment to be able to wear the captain’s armband against Augsburg in February.Some Dortmund staff thanked Sancho for his contributions over the past four years, even though they weren't sure if they would see him again.It is evident that a bond exists between players and clubs, which will likely remain forever.