Megan Rapinoe is not here for your bullsh*t

Megan Rapinoe, USWNT star, said that for many years we have had cinder blocks tied around our feet. Photo courtesy of AP LFG. Tomorrow's Deadspins The Ladies Room podcast features Megan Rapinoe, U.S. Soccer activist and champion, and Jane McManus. Advertisement Rapinoe is interviewed by the hosts about a variety of topics, including the HBO documentary LFG which documents the ongoing fight for equal pay for U.S women's teams, the endorsement deals for women in sport, and how leagues handle LGBTQIA+ acceptance. Rapinoe shares her advice on dealing with hateful people, including anonymous online trolls and the former President of America. You can think of any other team or athlete that has been as successful over the time we have been successful. That's two World Cup wins for Rapinoe and one Olympic Gold for Rapinoe. She told hosts how it was amazing how little we were paid and how much work we had to do in order to get paid. Rapinoe will soon be 36 years old and says that she is determined to continue her work for her teammates and the next generation in women's soccer. She says that she hopes that the next generation won't have to do the same things as us and that they will be better off. If that is, you know what, the kind of legacy I can leave, I'll be happy for them. There is still much to do. She says that there is still funding and resources that must be allocated and structures and systems that must be built to allow women's sports to grow at the pace it should. We've literally had cinder blocks at our feet all these years. You can listen to more of The Ladies Room on Apple Podcasts, or wherever else you get your pods. Megan Rapinoe's The One With Megan Rapinoe will be available tomorrow.


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