Attorney to Pursue Charges Against Ex-Bellator Fighter Joe Schilling over Altercation

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagicAccording to his attorney, the man who was involved in a bar fight last weekend with Joe Schilling plans to bring charges against the MMA fighter.Robert Solomon stated, "It is unbelievable that [Schilling] believed it was OK just to haul off and crack somebody twice as like that." "Schilling is fortunate that we are not dealing with a case of manslaughter."After Balboa had lunged at him in Florida's bar on Sunday, Justin Balboa was pushed to the ground by Schilling. Schilling then knocked Balboa out. The incident was captured on video and circulated online this week.The video shows Schilling trying to walk around Balboa before Balboa lunges at Schilling and responds by punching Balboa twice. Balboa seemed to be saying something to Schilling, but he didn't throw a punch. Schilling claimed self-defense, saying Balboa was bothering patrons all night.Police were told by a witness that Balboa had "possibly made an inappropriate remark" regarding Schilling's fiancée.Solomon stated that he will file a lawsuit against Schilling on Balboa’s behalf. Schilling was 4-6 during his MMA career. He last fought at Bellator in 2019.