Camila Cabello's non-Disney Cinderella now has a teaser

Camila Cabello Photo by Amazon StudiosIt seems that Amazon, despite Disney's best efforts to copy centuries-old fairytales and make their own, has realized that they too can create a new Cinderella. This is not something Amazon would do, but it's certainly not the first. Since it has been only three years since Andy Serkis (Netflix) attempted The Jungle Book, with the very memorable Mowgli: Legend Of The Junglenothing. This Amazon version isn't that different from the Disney version. Except for the cast. The cast includes Cabello as Cinderella, and Billy Porter as Fairy Godmother. James Corden will also be part of this event, because he is.AdvertisementTrailer's stinger serves as a gauge for the movie's tone. This is, to be fair, less serious and more funny than the Kenneth Branaugh 2015 adaptation. With Porter asking, Would you like to go to that ball?, and Cabello muttering, Yes, I was crying and singing about it just a few minutes ago, the trailer's end has that snappy sitcom energy. Kay Cannon, Blockers director, is at the helm. This could have many jokes which would be great because everyone loves to laugh.You will also find some other details. There are other touches as well. Cinderella is not just a step-sister of three abusive siblings. She's also a budding entrepreneur who plans to open Dresses By Ella. This story feels like it was written to be modernized.Nevertheless, this is what we were able to conclude in the 30 second trailer. Maybe a full trailer will help us get a better idea of the movie. Amazon's Cinderella will dance on September 2.