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Promising review: This stuff is a miracle. We just purchased a house with very hard water. It appeared that the previous owners had not tried to remove the hard water from the walls and shower doors. It didn't scratch the surface when I first tried Dawn and vinegar. Scrubbing Bubbles was next. It worked the same. I felt so defeated. I researched and found Bar Keepers Friend. It took me approximately two hours to clean one quarter of my shower window using a piece of steel wool grade 0000. It felt as if my arm was about to give up. I was determined so I did more research. This is what I came across. It arrived in the mail and I was so nervous that I opened it within minutes. I applied it to my steel wool of grade 0000 and began scrubbing. BINGO! It took me just 15 minutes to clean the exact same section as the Bar Keepers Friend. This stuff is not easy to use, but it does work. It was able to remove what seemed like years worth of hard water stains. Although it does have a strong smell, it is not incredibly resistant to water. This will be on my "always available in our house" list. This stuff is my favorite! Tyrene A. GalpolAmazon has it for $19.99