Twitter now lets you set a security key as your only two-factor authentication method

Twitter announced in March that it would soon allow you to use a security code as your only two factor authentication method. On Wednesday, the feature went live on mobile and web.Although it is not new to be able to use your security key as a two-factor authentication method, you can now make it the only one. Because they don't rely on codes that could be intercepted by bad actors, physical security keys are better than other two-factor authentication methods such as authenticator apps or SMS.Security keys are now your only and most reliable two-factor authentication method for mobile and web.Find out how security keys can protect you account from attacks at Tweet Support (@TwitterSupport). June 30, 2021Twitter has been adding a variety of features in recent years to improve login security. In 2017, Twitter added support for authentication apps such as Authy and Google Authenticator to its SMS service. Twitter now allows two-factor authentication with no phone number. This is a good change considering that SMS can be susceptible to SIM-swapping attacks. CEO Jack Dorsey lost control of his account for around an hour and a quarter.Check out this guide if you are interested in purchasing a security key.