Volvo concept car previews its all-electric future

Volvo is all electric.At a live tech event from Gothenburg (Sweden), the Swedish car manufacturer showed off its electric car concept. Future Volvo EVs will use the Recharge concept as their design base.Volvo already committed to producing electric vehicles only by 2030. Volvo currently has five plug-in hybrid models. The Volvo XC40, and the forthcoming C40 Recharge are also available. These look similar to Volvo's combustion-engine SUVs.The new electric Volvos will be distinguished from the traditional gas models by a totally different look.The concept photos show that the new design even includes a roofline LiDAR sensor by Luminar to enable autonomous driving features. The roof's sensor box emits light rays that measure distance to allow the car to "see" what is around it. This can be used by pedestrians, cyclists, and cars.Complete glass roof with LiDAR. Credit to volvoRecharge's main feature is the flat floor. The electric battery will be under the flat floor. An SUV will be the first EV made from the concept design. It will have more space inside, a glass roof and a shield on the front.Backside bliss. Credit: volvoWelcome to the Volvo Concept. Credit: Volvo A closer look at the concept. Credit: volvoBecause of the larger interior space and flat floor, the seats were repositioned. A 15-inch touchscreen is the central point of the interior. VolvoCars.OS, its operating system to control the screen was also revealed at Wednesday's tech conference. VolvoCars.OS will control the screen. The company also plans to gather real-time data from driving in order to improve its AI-based automated driving system. These features will make Volvos feel like a Tesla.Volvo claims that the Recharge concept car will have a Scandinavian living room feel.This is the electric future.Stan Schroeder was a contributor to this report.