Roulette origins

One of the most beloved and classic casino games- roulette, managed to preserve its popularity till nowadays. It is believed, that we should credit Blaise Pascal with inventing this game. The story about him trying to create a perpetual motion machine and a failure that resulted in roulette creation are well-known, and today the rules of this game are the real mish-mash of few other gaming activities that no longer exist. Among them are Roly-Poly, O., Hoca, Reiner, Biribi, Ace of Hearts. Another version of roulette origin also takes place in France and suggests that it was invented by a monk to have some fun. The last theory assumes that the game was introduced by French Dominican monks, who used an old Tibetan game as a pattern. Today, there are few types of this addictive game: American and European. The main difference is that European type only has a zero square and American roulette - a zero square and a double zero square. It is no secret that online casinos are ready to offer various types of roulette and is a great chance to find best gaming facility; land based casinos stick to the classic game, mainly, because they have limited space. 8317

Swiss gambling style

Only since 1993 gambling became legal in Switzerland but the oldest casino, Casino Barriere de Montreux, was built in 1881. The first signs of gambling activity on the territory of this country can be traced to the Roman Empire, and in the Middle Ages, gaming activities became more diverse and widespread. During all that time gambling activities were banned and considered to be immoral. In the 19th century gambling was regarded as an activity that discourages work and labor, therefore, as well banned. Today, after being legalized, country’s biggest cities Zurich, Basel, and Bern and Lucerne opened own casinos. A wide array of classic games like Roulette, Blackjack and Punto Banco or Baccarat attracts visitors from neighboring countries. Most popular games today in Switzerland are Poker and Roulette. Gambling was popular in Switzerland for hundreds of years, and today there are over 20 land based casinos that can be found across this country; they are opened seven days a week and offer different kinds of roulette – one of the most popular game. Some casinos organize poker tournaments as well. Also, Switzerland offers a chance to win the Swiss Jackpot, that is known to be Europe’s largest tax-free jackpot. 83172 Land based casinos are of great popularity. Nonetheless, there are no licensed online facilities. Still, Swiss players are free to gamble online at foreign platforms, which accept players from Switzerland. Online gambling is quite popular as offers great bonuses and a wide range of games. Moreover, online casinos are more convenient and accessible 24/7. Today, Swiss gambling world is an exciting place with various games and impressive jackpots. No one will be left disappointed.

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