A weekend at The Granary Richmond Hill

Fiona Moses is living the life of my dreams. It's rare that I would give up everything I have worked hard for in order to share my life with someone else. But this is an exception. The Granary at Richmond Hill was the perfect place to escape to quiet country for my weekend in Tasmania. This quiet piece of paradise is owned and managed by Fiona and Nick. More from our stay:You may recall my blog post, Goodbye to Travel, two weeks ago. This is not Deja Vu!My travel blogging career is over, but I've made the transition to my lifestyle blog at brookesaward.com. To celebrate my move to brookesaward.com, I am writing one last blog post about my personal travels.You can find more information on me at my blog. You can also find all details about the outfits from this weekend away. You can read the rest of this article to learn more about this weekend getaway in the countryside.The Granary at Richmond HillThe Granary at Richmond Hill, a charming little road trip just outside Launceston in Tasmania, is only thirty minutes away. This is where I grew up. Many others will also be aware that I lived in Carrick, a nearby town. It is safe to say that Cressy and this property have stolen my heart. Here's a quick look at my experience at The Granary Richmond hill if you are looking for a rural escape.Bec and Bridge Coat // Aere Cashmere Jumper/ Aere Cashmere PantsThe Location: Rural TasmaniaIt can be hard to decide where to go on a Tasmanian vacation. There is so much to do and see. I know from personal experience that there are many major tourist attractions to not miss. There are also hidden gems that you may not have heard about. One of these gems is the Granary at Richmond Hill.The farm is just outside the Cressy municipality, about a 30 minute drive from Launceston. The Cressy Bakehouse is a wonderful bakery that you should visit before you check in. You should also make a stop at Hill Street Grocer in Longford to get your groceries. This grocer is not only the best in the area (about ten minutes from The Granary), but also the most well-known in the state. This gourmet supermarket stocks everything you need, from gourmet ready-made quiches to delicious French fromage.Checking In: The Granary Richmond HillAfter making the pit stops, you'll arrive at The Granary. You will immediately be greeted with a warm welcome when you pull up to the old sandstone building which will be your home for the next few days. You don't need to check in, but you can park your car at the front of the building while you unload your bags. There is a spot for you to park in the barn after you have unpacked. It is located next to the lawnmower and other farm equipment.Although the accommodation is on a small farm, privacy is important (not only for guests but for their families as well). The lush gardens will surround you, yet you'll be private in your own corner of the farm. You will have many opportunities to see farm life, including exploring the gardens and meeting the sausage dogs that guard the homestead (peanut or benny).There are five bedrooms in the house, with three each. This allows for large groups and families to have plenty of space. The house has a full kitchen, plenty of seating areas, boardgames and balconies. Every detail is thought out to make your stay memorable.What to Do in Tasmania in WinterThe off season in Tasmania is winter. Summer is jam-packed with tourists, social events, and lots of food and wine festivals. Autumn brings out the best of autumn with its soft brown hues and beautiful road trips, as well as a mild chill. Spring is a wonderful time to visit the island, as the gardens come alive, especially in Northern Tasmania's old homestead properties. Winter? Winter is the coldest season. It is, therefore, the best time to go. As long as you are able to handle the coldYou can also enjoy a picnic at The Granary or a seat by the fire pit while you are there. You can also take advantage of the farm walk. Just make sure you wear winter clothes.My favorite winter activities include:Cradle Mountain offers a day of hikingStay at Pumphouse PointVisit MONA (Museum of Hobart).Havilah, Launceston: WineFollow my Youtube Channel to see more of my Tasmanian life. Weekly baking videos, weekend travel videos and many other things will be shared.