Hot mic: Biden suggests Maxine Waters run for Senate and encourages Nancy Pelosi to 'keep it up'

During a White House bill signing event, President Joe Biden encouraged Maxine Waters from California to run for Senate. This produced several hot microphone moments for him. "Senator. I hope. Biden told the lawmaker, who is frequently mocked by conservatives, that you think I'm kidding. PREVIEW OF THE FUTURE PRIMARY FIGHT: HARRIS AND BUTTIGIEG JOSTLE TO LIMELIGHT WITH BUTTIGIEG During the Wednesday ceremony, Biden signed three bills. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also present. Another favorite target of the Right is Nancy Pelosi. After making brief remarks about the soon-to be laws, Biden welcomed Pelosi onto the stage. This was after the pair had publicly clashed over how they would pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal and a $6 trillion reconciliation framework. "Hello, by the way," Biden said to the top House Democrat, before his microphone dropped out. Another exchange saw Jan Schakowsky, a Democratic Representative from Illinois, offering Biden her condolences following the death of Champ, his German Shepherd Champ. "Tell me what, it's really a killer, right? He replied, "Thank you for that," Later, he made a joke about his microphone while speaking to the three groups of legislators. They took turns to join him on the signing table and take a photo. He told Reps. Suzanne Bonamici and Bobby Scott of Virginia, "I better be cautious what I say." The Democrats praised the congressional review bills for protecting the planet from the "climate-disrupting greenhouse gas methane", protecting consumers from predatory lenders and protecting workers against discrimination in employment. Biden and Pelosi disagree over whether the president should keep his threat of veto regarding the bipartisan infrastructure agreement if Congress doesn't also pass a wider reconciliation measure that would allow for liberal social welfare reforms. Over the weekend, the president reaffirmed his position but said that he still believes the packages should "in tandem". Continue the story CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION FROM THE WASHINGTON XAMINER Pelosi stated earlier Wednesday that the statement she made was true and that she stands by it. Washington Examiner Videos Tags: News. Biden. Biden Administration. White House. Joe Biden Original Author: Naomi Lim Original Location: Hot Mic: Biden suggests Maxine Wassers run for Senate, and encourages Nancy Pelosi 'keep it going'