Stray bullets kill Texas mom taking her son to Naval Academy, Maryland police say

A Texas mother dropped her son off at the U.S. Police say that stray bullets struck her hotel in Maryland, killing the Naval Academy student.Edward Jackson, Chief of Annapolis Police, said that Michelle Cummings (57-year-old mom from Houston) was not the target of the shooter who shot her while she was sitting on the balcony at a hotel in Annapolis early Tuesday. Police believe the shooter probably fired from a nearby street.Police said that Cummings was repeatedly shot and declared dead at the hotel.Jackson claimed that Cummings was there with her husband to celebrate their son's admission to one of America's most prestigious institutions.He described it as a very tragic tale.Jackson stated that Cummings was there with other parents who had brought their son to Naval Academy when Jackson was wounded. Cummings' son is a potential football player.Spring Independent School District north Houston stated that Cummings was an engaged parent at Westfield High School where her son Leonard Trey Cummings III graduated last school year.The school district stated in a statement that their hearts and prayers are with the Cummings family in this time of grief.The shooting has not resulted in anyone being arrested. Annapolis Police Department requested any tips.Officials report that a teacher died after being swept away by the water while hiking in Texas mountains.