15 of the best RV sites across the US, from off-grid spots in national parks to luxury campgrounds with pools, tennis courts, and showers

We may make money from affiliate partners if you purchase through our links. Find out more.Recent boom in RV rentals and sales has seen an increase in popularity.We have compiled a list of the top RV camping spots in the US, from New England up to California.These campgrounds offer stunning views and attractive amenities starting at $20 per night.According to the RV Industry Association, there are approximately 11.2 million RV-owning households in North America. The number of RV owners has increased by 26% over the last decade. March 2017 was a record month for RV sales.It's no surprise that RV rentals are becoming increasingly popular. You'll need to find the best camping spots if you are looking to rent, buy, or own an RV.There are many great places to stay in the United States. These range from luxurious parks with top-end recreational facilities to parks that overlook remote natural wonders. We have compiled a list of the top spots and should provide you with plenty of options.These RV campgrounds can be booked through the National Park Service website. Many are located near national or state parks. Sites like Campspot and The Dyrt make it easy for you to find and book campsites all across the United States.The following criteria was used to select the top RV camping sites in the US: All sites have an extensive range of facilities, or they are close to stunning scenery that makes it worth giving up some comforts. You can also find bathrooms and electricity in remote areas. Trusted sites such as PitchUp and The Dyrt provided us with reviews. The cost of RV camping is very affordable, once you own the vehicle. These campsites are all less than $100 per night. Some start at $20 per night for a basic spot. Although there are many campgrounds in the US, we found that all of them were in beautiful locations.You can browse all the top RV camping sites below or jump to a particular region here.These are the top RV camping spots in the US. They are sorted by location and then by price, from low to high.