Do You Trust Tech Giants To Control the Consumer Economics of the Future?

00:00Our monopoly controls 50 cents of the commerce dollar, which is actually driving up consumer prices. What do we really need? What do we really need? We need to revert to our proud history of antitrust and disintegrate companies that become invasive. We must trust the government again. We can't trust Amazon. It is possible to balance the data so that they don't get distracted by their big thank yous. So, I believe I am optimistic. I think we should facilitate international and international cooperation to strengthen labor laws. This will prevent these big online platforms from facilitating a raceto the bottom to succeed without I suggest later in this show for getting women. No, I don't believe so. I come from a young family who believes that big tech companies would play a vital role in providing the necessary infrastructure for e-commerce. I expect a significant increase in e-commerce over the next seven years. I was once that way. I think that's what I find most exciting about ecommerce. The pandemic has been an accelerator. However, the changes we have seen here to state.