Everton reporter notebook: Rafa Benitez should expect short honeymoon period

"Shocking decision." "I'm done with them." "They have betrayed their fans." These are just a few of the reactions from Everton fans to Rafa Benitez's appointment as Goodison Park manager. Football fans can be overly passionate sometimes, and the Merseyside rivalry between the two clubs is intense. This is also the first time anyone has managed both clubs. This appointment was always going be controversial and would provoke a strong backlash from Everton fans. But, if you take all the emotion and heat out of the decision, many Everton Football Club members will agree that it is a waste of time. There were other candidates that would have been able to handle the same level of scrutiny and pressure as this one. Why would Benitez feel the need to put on so much pressure? Image: Christophe Galtier, who was previously linked to the post, has now joined Nice Everton hierarchy had considered Nuno Esprito-Santo, Lille's winning coach Christophe Galtier, and even Roberto Martinez and David Moyes, but all would have been less controversial, and more easily accepted by the fans. Farhad Moshiri, a major shareholder, was apparently aided by Alisher Usmanov's long-term business associate. Although it's risky, football is risky. It will be a wise move, but time will show. They identified the former Champions League winner to be the most qualified and well-placed of all the options for managing the club in the future. Moshiri has invested a lot of money in the club during his five-year tenure as the manager. Therefore, it can be argued that he is entitled to protect his investment. Benitez is being questioned about his desire to be under such pressure. He is a footballer first and foremost. After spells in Newcastle and the Chinese Super League, which were both difficult times, Benitez wants to be a manager again. It is an ideal job, especially considering that he is still based in Merseyside. He is a successful and experienced coach, and he has the best CV of all the candidates. He is familiar with the area and, despite his comment about Everton as Liverpool manager, he clearly knows the rivalry and what this appointment means. He is intelligent and will be able to do more than others what he needs. Rafa Benitez CV Valencia : La Liga (2002, 2004, UEFA Cup (2003) Liverpool: Champions League 2005, Super Cup (2005) and FA Cup (2006). Community Shield (2006) Inter Milan: Italian Super Cup (2010) and Club World Cup (2010) Chelsea: Europa League (2013) Coppa Italia (2014), Napoli Super Cup (2014) Newcastle: Championship (2017) Why was Benitez such a standout candidate? Benitez is a single-minded, strong character, as well as a respected coach. He will need all that and some humor to win the hearts of Everton doubters. He will most importantly need to see results. Benitez will get the shortest honeymoon of all the candidates. But, Moshiri's choices, while generally welcomed by Everton fans, have not worked out for any reason. So who is to say that this one will surprise anyone? Everton didn't expect Carlo Ancelotti would just leave the club in the manner he did. The club needed to rethink quickly. Moshiri's decision is a sign that he is open to taking the club in the direction it wants, regardless of what the opinions of others with more experience working with the club and how its fanbase think. Image: Everton spent more than 550m under Farhad Moshiri Although it is risky, football is risky and the player has chosen to put his money where his mouth is rather than choose the safer, easier option. It will be interesting to see if it pays off. This appointment isn't really about Rafa Benitez. His arrival is the catalyst of change. Everton is changing as a club. The 'People's Club' label is gone. This club is constantly changing and can lead to controversial decisions. This is football's high-stakes business. Fans will soon understand this and be willing to follow it in the hopes that it leads to the success that they all desire. What can Benitez do for fans to love him? Vinny O’Connor, Sky Sports News' Vinny Obrey reports that Rafael Benitez arrived at Everton's training grounds ahead of his appointment as manager. Vinny O'Connor, Sky Sports News reporter: "It's all about where to start. Duncan Ferguson has been retained as a board member, so that is one of the first tasks. We knew he was a candidate for the job, and he was also one of Ancelotti’s assistants. "He is a true Evertonian. It's an important deal to keep him at football club. This will also help with the attitudes of the fans towards him. "He must also establish a working relationship between himself and Marcel Brands, the director of football. This is why recruitment is so important as the squad needs major overhaul. We all know Carlo Ancelotti wanted a right-back and an attacking wide player. "Everton also needs another attacking option through their middle, possibly another midfield option. They need more dynamism and reinforcements in the centre-half. Image: The news was welcomed by some Evertonians "It's a huge job in terms of recruiting this summer. And ultimately, it's crucial if Benitez wants to get off to an excellent start. He needs the players in the right places. The results are what will unify the fanbase. The best way to describe the reactions of the fans at the moment is to say that they are divided. Some people are open to Benitez's chance, and will review his record as a manager. He was successful at Liverpool, and he was also successful at Valencia, although this was much later in his career. They know that he is a well-respected manager, so they will give him a chance here. Some fans are not happy about the Liverpool ties. "Not only because he brought success to Liverpool but also because he called Everton a small club' after a Merseyside Derby. These are the kinds of things Evertonians never forget. We've seen banners outside Goodison Park, which expressed discontent. Unfortunately, we also saw a banner outside his Wirral home that said, "We know where your live." Don't sign. It's evident that there is something sinister about it, and the police are investigating. "At the moment the fanbase splits and because of the anti-, it puts additional pressure on him." Sky Sports' Ben Grounds Fans of 'Everton will be happy to see an end to a long-running story that saw many names associated with the vacancy. Many people find it disappointing. "Benitez, who was out of work since Dalian Professional's Chinese club last January, is now the first man to manage both Liverpool and Everton since William Edward Barclay, 1890s. Initial talks were held with 'Nuno Espirito Sante and David Moyes were also discussed before he committed his future towards West Ham. Former Lille boss Christophe Galtier was also expected to assume the helm. "But, after Ancelotti showed why he isn't a project manager," Benitez will be able to demonstrate that he can lead Everton into their state of the art new stadium in 2024 and a bright new age for the club. 'Benitez is aware that this is a place where he will be judged quickly. While he will need to communicate his methods and style to his players over time, his Liverpool connections mean that the supporters will not allow him much room. Disgruntled fans have held up 'Sinister banners at Goodison Park as well as outside his Wirral home. After a promising year under Ancelotti, Everton will enter the new league campaign with no European football. "Supporters will look for a sustained challenge once those hopes have died and the Spaniard should be aware of those demands soon enough." You can read Rafa Benitez’s Everton intray here


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