Cowboys Legend Emmitt Smith, Jill Biden Team Up to Promote COVID-19 Vaccine in Texas

CAROLYN KASTER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys legend, urged Texas residents not to get vaccinated on Tuesday while visiting a COVID-19 vaccine site with First Lady Jill Biden. Smith spoke to the crowd about the importance of getting the vaccine to not only protect yourself, but to also protect those around you. This was according to Jori Epstein from USA Today. Smith stated that "this is serious" at Emmett J. Conrad high school in Dallas. "We are getting to the third quarter. You know that you cannot stop. This applies to every American. Stand up for the person on your right and your left." As Chase Walton, a high school wide receiver at 14 years old, wrapped up his first shot, the Hall of Fame running back confirmed that he had received the COVID-19 vaccination. Smith stated that you are truly protecting yourself when you protect someone else. "It is up to someone else to do the same thing you did to protect the next person." In terms of its vaccination rate, Texas is slightly behind the United States. According to Texas Health and Human Services, 49.3 percent are fully vaccinated among residents aged 12 and over. According to the CDC, this figure is 54.3 percent in the United States. According to CNN, President Joe Biden said that he hoped to see at least 70% of Americans get at least one vaccine shot by July 4. However, Jeff Zients (his COVID-19 response coordinator) stated last week that they will not be able achieve this "aspirational goal". "The truth is that many young Americans feel COVID-19 doesn't affect them and have been less keen to get vaccinated. Zients stated that the Delta variant is now infecting young people around the world and spreading throughout the country. Jill Biden stated Tuesday that Smith and Smith will continue to push for more Americans getting their shots. Epstein agreed. She said, "Like Emmitt said: It is just not enough." "Which is the reason I'm here today. Because you and your health are important to me, and to your president. Some athletes either refused to get the vaccine, or they declined to answer if they had been vaccinated before the 2021 season. Cole Beasley, Buffalo Bills wide receiver, said that he is ready to quit the sport if vaccinating becomes a requirement. The Players Association and the NFL announced this month updated COVID-19 protocols to train camp and preseason. These protocols are less restrictive for players who have been vaccinated, but those who are not must still follow many of last year's rules. Texas lifted coronavirus restrictions in March. This will allow NFL teams in Texasthe Dallas Cowboysand Houston Texansto open their doors to fans in full capacity for their 2021 campaigns.


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