Police track down, arrest Tour de France spectator who caused massive crash

The Tour de France was marred by injuries that were seemingly preventable this year. Photo courtesy AP It looked funny. It read Allez Opi Omi! It translated to French and German, which means "Go grandma and grandpa!" Advertisement She wanted television cameras to capture the sign. They did. They did. Cameras captured her also stepping onto the road with her back to the racers. This caused a frightening crash. Look at the pile! She went missing after Saturday's chaos was caused by the spectator. Huh? Later, the family fled the country, according to reports. Excuse me? According to RTL and BBC radio, the spectator was arrested and found by police today. Landerneau is the small French town where Stage 1 was completed. She is currently in custody. Advertisement According to reports, the spectator was accused of involuntarily inflicting injury. A fine of 1,500 Euro is also possible. There could be even more legal problems ahead. The Tour de France organizers announced that they would sue the fan after the accident. Pierre-Yves Thouault, Race deputy director, said to AFP that they are doing this to ensure that only a small number of people do not ruin the show. Thouault, let's also consider creating safeguards for the course to ensure that only a small number of people do this to workers/athletes. Advertisement Marc Soler, one of the riders who broke both arms in the famous pile-up, suggested that he could sue the spectator. Other athletes might follow Marc Soler's lead [Editor's note: I am not sure if the pun was intended]. Others were also hurt. Jasha Stterlin was transported to the hospital. Eight other riders were also treated by a race physician. Others sustained minor injuries. Advertisement The Tour's Stages 2 and 3 saw the Tour's fan-craziness stop, but crashes continued. Riders at Stage 4 were left with a minute-long pause in order to protest safer racing conditions.


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