A GOP Megadonor Is Funding South Dakota Gov. Noem's National Guard Deployment to Texas

You were correct if you thought that a Republican governor from a different state sent National Guard troops to another GOP state to defend the southern frontier. Governor of South Dakota. Kristi Noem, the South Dakota Governor, announced Tuesday that 50 National Guard troops would be sent to Texas to help with border security. The addition of a few more troops to Texas will help solve the problem. It is not a symbolic attention grab or craven. This move is a sign of political gamesmanship by Republicans who are trying to be the Trumpiest when it comes to immigration. The Texas governor. Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, announced that his state would construct Trump's wall by itself, even though the state doesnt have the necessary resources, capacity or authority. Despite this, Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis stated that he would chip in some state-funded officers to help. Noem joined the fray, announcing that she will also deploy troops.AdvertisementAdvertisementAdvertisementThe symbolic absurdity of South Dakota's governor sending active National Guard soldiers is augmented by the ethical creepiness of the fact that the political lark won't cost taxpayers any money because, Noems office claims, it was funded by a GOP megadonor. This stuff is impossible to fake. According to tax filings from 2018, the Washington Post reports that although the governor's office has not disclosed the amount of the private donation used to mobilize U.S. forces, it said that the state of South Dakota was funded by Willis and Reba Johnsons Foundation. This Tennessee-based nonprofit donates to many groups including churches and National Rifle Association. Willis Johnson has given to GOP campaigns for decades. He donated at least $550,000 to Trump in 2019 filings. However, the governor's office said that the cost of the deployment was paid to South Dakota by Willis and Reba Johnsons Foundation, a Tennessee-based nonprofit that donates to various groups, including churches, the National Rifle Association, and the Washington Post reports.AdvertisementSubscribe to the Slatest Newsletter Get a daily email update with the latest stories. Signing you up was not possible due to an error Please try again. To use this form, please enable jаvascript. Email address: I would like to receive updates on Slate special offers. You agree to our Privacy Policy & Terms by signing up. Thank you for signing up! You can cancel your subscription at any time.It is difficult to imagine a more ethically questionable move than the deployment of reservists for political ends with a donor cash. It is also difficult to imagine a better symbol of the current state and country. Since they are on active duty, the National Guard troops will be in Noems' chain of command and technically permitted to participate in domestic law enforcement. Federally deployed Guards are prohibited from doing so. This mission is so vital and in the public interest of the state that a wealthy man from Tennessee is paying the bill.This sounds like political chicanery, with an eye on Iowa and New Hampshire more than immigration policymaking.