Grace Eleyae Satin Slap Cap Review: It Fights Frizz

Chantel Turner/ BuzzFeedI love the fact that I can adjust the fit of the one I have. However, depending on the purpose you will be using it for you can choose the one without drawstrings. The cap with strings is $29.95 for me. I use it for sleep, so it should be snug at night but loose during the day. If you only use it in the cold or humidity, you can purchase the original elastic-band design for $19.99. They are lined with satin of high quality, no matter what version you choose.Cotton hats dry out hair quickly because they absorb any oils and products you have applied. It can also tug at your hair, making it frizzier. This is why satin is so popular!They also have hair bands and turbans for those who don't like the beanie look.