13 Bridesmaid Horror Stories That Are So Wild, I Can't Believe They're Real

Martina Birnbaum/Getty Images/EyeEm"My best friend and I got married when we were 20 years old, and she asked me to be her maid-of-honor." I spent six months planning the wedding with her. We went to florists, venues and tastings. To accommodate her, I asked for certain days off. I hosted a bridal shower for her. Everything went well. Three weeks later, she is supposed to be together for the final fitting at noon. I text her at 10:10 a.m., saying that Im not excited at all. I text her again at 11:15 and 11:30. I'm starting to worry, and keep calling her. Finally, she answers me and tells me that it is hard but she doesn't want me to be her maid-of-honor or a bridesmaid. I haven't been helping her enough. I am shocked and angry. She should just hang up and have a great wedding. I received my deposit back for my dress, but didn't attend the wedding."I finally met with her after nine months. She called me several times over the phone. I was replaced by her hairdresser, who was a total sham and was flashing people at weddings in front of everyone. She explained to me that she had hoped to see me in background photos of the wedding and couldn't believe I hadn't. I was literally speechless, and she left. Since then, I have not spoken to her."Dracula Pants