Copperhead gets swallowed whole during epic snake battle in Alabama yard, video shows

Alabama couple were enthralled by their barking dog when they had to fight two snakes in their yard. The copperhead was the victor.The epic fight took place in Camden, Alabama. Video of the amazing battle was shared by the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division on Facebook. The state agency said that this is what happens when a copperhead goes to a kingsnake battle.Copperheads can be venomous, sending people to the hospital frequently. However, kingsnakes are immune to their bites and will eat cottonmouths, rattlesnakes and copperheads, Outdoor Alabama reports.Karen Vick Scarbrough claims that the snake fight took place 75 feet away from her back deck. The barking dog was her German shorthaired pointer.Scarbrough explained to McClatchy News that the dog had been bit by a copperhead a month prior.The copperhead was then swallowed by the kingsnake.It was actually two snakes, which shocked us. We had heard of this happening growing up in the South but never actually witnessed it. From the moment we first saw the snakes to the point that the kingsnake had eaten the copperhead, the entire encounter took about an hour.Multiple videos were taken by her that show the kingsnake spinning around the copperhead to squeeze every bit of life from it. Multiple times the copperhead can be seen biting the kingsnake, but it has no effect. A second video was posted to her Facebook page and shows the kingsnake pushing the copperhead down its throat.According to the state, black speckled kingsnakes can reach 5.5 feet in length and are constrictors (meaning that they squeeze their prey). Experts say that this is several inches more than the average Alabama copperhead.Since being posted to Facebook on May 28, Scarbrough's video has been viewed over 230,000 times. It has also received hundreds of comments and reactions. Many commenters believe the video shows the value of kingsnakes thriving, while others suggest Scarbrough should sell her house.Continue the storyIt was insane. It gave me the heebie-jeebies. One person posted it on Facebook.Scarbrough claims that Curtis, her husband, has killed two copperheads in the area of the house in the past few years. She says that the video shows that the yard is home for more than they realize.I am afraid of snakes. Before this encounter, I believed that the only good snake was a dead one. I will always be aware of the snakes I encounter and will never kill one like the Kingsnake.