What to watch on TV July 2021

From top left, clockwise: Gossip Girl/Netflix (Photo by Karolina Wojtasik/Netflix), Resident Evil (Image: Netflix), Resident Evil (Photo from Apple TV+), Schmigadoon and The White Lotus (Photo by Mario Perez).Graphic by Natalie PeeplesAlthough it's not the dog days of summer yet, July TV is filled with furry friends. From Disney+'s Turner & Hooch series (which could end up traumatizing Tom Hanks Fans), to the hairy creatures from Wellington Paranormal, and the Sexy Beasts that make up Netflixs dating series. Cush Jumbo and Jared Harris face off in The Beast Must Die. We also get to meet some Cat People in a new series; even He-Mans is back in his fuzzy shorts.The Gossip Girl revival is less hirsute but more fashionable. It arrives with its privilege purportedly under control. Resident Evil moves into Infinite Darkness, and Mike White returns to HBO with The White Lotus. Keegan-Michael Key, Cecily Strong and others reluctantly join a world full of song and dance on Apple TV+'s Schmigadoon.Attention desktop users: To view this text in a scrolling format simply reduce your browser window.