Apple isn't backing down from its hybrid work model, according to internal note

Apple will not be abandoning its hybrid work model, which will see most employees returning to the office at least three days per week beginning in September. Remote positions will be very limited.In-person collaboration is crucial to our culture, and our future, stated Deirdre Obrien, senior vice president for retail and people in a video recorded that was viewed by The Verge. We can all see that the incredible product launches of this year were built on years of hard work and collaboration when we were all present in person.This news comes almost a month after Apple CEO Tim Cook sent an email to employees informing them that the company was introducing a new work model. It would require them to resume in-office work on Mondays and Tuesdays beginning in the fall.Apple employees sent a letter to Cook asking him to reconsider his policy and stating that some employees were forced to quit due to it. Many of them asked for all teams to have the option of working remotely. Without the flexibility that allows, they felt that they had to choose between their families, our well-being and being empowered to do the best work or Apple.Apple has now denied the request. It stated that remote work decisions would be made on a case by case basis, with new remote positions requiring executive approval.