Learning to spot infant seizures with the help of YouTube

Stephanie's preparation paid off. Aaden had his first infantile spasm at four months of age. Stephanie saw it on YouTube and immediately recognized the danger to her son's brain. I took him to the emergency room and pushed for him to be admitted for monitoring. She says. After several days at the hospital, Aaden still continued to seize. Doctors were at a loss. They said that scans did not show any evidence of seizures and that they wanted Aaden to go home. Stephanie knew exactly what she was seeing. After watching these videos, I realized my son was suffering from seizures. I was so upset that I had to cry and ask for another doctor who would review the scans. Aaden was finally able to get the medication he needed after a new doctor agreed with them. Stephanie continued her research because Aaden still had 2-10 seizures per day despite taking medication. She soon found two well-respected, established TSC organizations on YouTube: The Epilepsy Foundation (and the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance). These are the foundations of my son's diagnosis and they provide so much information, she said.


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