Work Diaries: VP of Brand Marketing has a special connection with upcoming Pride special

Monday6:00 a.m.: I get up early to do my daily meditation. This is a chance to reset and start the week off right. I can reflect on the weekend events and spend time with Phoebe my daughter while transitioning into the work ahead. After that, it's coffee and a walk with my dog. This is part of my gratitude practice.8:00 a.m.: I am responsible for marketing across brand, media, culture & trends, YouTube Originals and Creative Studio & Sports. I'm often involved in multiple projects that have varying strategic and creative needs. To see our work from 30,000ft, I want to create opportunities and throughlines across different projects, campaigns and partnerships. Efficiency is essential with so many meetings. Each Monday I begin my week with a YouTube Marketing Leads Meeting to receive all the relevant information to enable me and my team to tackle the week ahead.10:00 a.m.: With COVID restrictions decreasing and both vaccine shots being given to me, I'm finally able to schedule my annual physical for 2020. The next hour and a quarter was spent getting poked, prodded, and drawing blood from 20 vials to make sure my health is always top of mind. My doctor and I have developed a plan for wellness.12:01 p.m.: I am meeting with Shorts, YouTube's new product which allows creators to create short-form content on demand or live. This is my next meeting. Our company's ability to constantly innovate and offer creators, artists, and others a full range of opportunities to create content and grow businesses is something I love the most.6:00 p.m.: It's time to meet my trainer. My workouts are integrated into my mental health so although it is important for me physically, I view it as part of my meditation. A little more sweat.Today's Highlight: Phoebe and my long-standing tradition of ordering at our local Japanese restaurant on Monday nights is Phoebe. I'll walk to pick it up and then watch anything from Friends to Lava On the Floor. We walk Sawyer, our Cavapoo puppy, before we call it a night. Then we climb into bed with a book (Me, The Great Influenza, and Phoebe, Amulet Series).