serpentwithfeet: 'When you're honest with yourself first, the world opens up.'

This interview was edited to be more concise and clear.Gentle is one of the many words you used to describe your March 2021 album, DEACON. What does gentleness mean to you? How did the album and its videos communicate gentleness?serpentwithfeet - I see gentleness as a approach that isn't heavy handed. Trusting your audience is key. It has been very important for me to trust my audience, especially since this project. I assumed that people would know the time and have enough space to accommodate it when I entered the project.Gentleness is similar to talking with a family member. The conversation starts with the assumption that there's already kinship: You already know why I'm there, and I trust you already care. I will tell the story in the same way I know how. It's great to be open about your feelings. It's quite simple, I believe. The world will open up when you are honest with yourself.It is not for everyone if they don't like the album or can't get it. That's not a shade or a judgment. My goal is to communicate with my community. I don't want to be isolated. I don't want to be the exception. I need people who understand me and don't have to explain. Your community is essential, regardless of your wealth or success.