NSA Denies Tucker Carlson's Claims Spy Agency Is Trying To Take Him Down

ToplineTuesday's statement by the National Security Agency denied that any intelligence agency has ever spied upon Tucker Carlson. This comes just one day after Tucker Carlson insisted, without presenting any evidence that the NSA is plotting to remove him from the air.Tucker Carlson poses in a Fox News Channel studio, New York. ASSOCIATED PressThe Key FactsCarlson claimed Monday that NSA was monitoring his email and planning to leak embarrassing information about him. He cited an unnamed whistleblower, who allegedly shared Carlsons private information via Carlsons email account. The NSA claimed that Carlson has never been a target and that the agency has never tried to remove Carlson's name from the public airwaves. The NSA stated that it primarily targets foreign individuals and groups and that they are not allowed to monitor U.S citizens except in an emergency or with a judge's permission.ContraTucker Carlson Tonight's Tuesday episode featured Carlson standing by his claims, calling the NSA's statement infuriatingly dishonest. A Fox News spokesperson pointed Forbes at Carlsons Tuesday show.Important BackgroundCarlson is the most watched cable news host with nearly 3 million viewers each night. He often uses his show for controversial claims. He claimed that FBI agents orchestrated the Jan. 6 riots in the U.S. Capitol. He also suggested that health experts downplay the risks and exaggerate the benefits of Covid-19 vaccinations. He also claimed that Democrats are intentionally importing immigrants to replace existing voters. He accused immigrants of making America dirty.