Trump says Herschel Walker will run for Georgia Senate seat in 2022

After being appointed to complete the term of former Republican Senator Johnny Isakson (R-Republican), Warnock defeated Kelly Loeffler (R.Ga.) in a January runoff election. Loeffler was reappointed in 2019 to replace Isakson who resigned in 2019.Walker was a freshman at the University of Georgia Bulldogs and led them to a 1980 national championship. After three years in the USFL, two of which were for Trump's team, Walker moved to the NFL.He would win, I believe. Trump said that it would be extremely difficult to beat Herschel. They know the ballads. Herschel was familiar with them. They still sing them every day. He would be extremely difficult to beat, I believe. He will run, I believe.Even though he lost his own reelection bid, Trump is still an influential force within the Republican Party. He doesn't hesitate to comment on the political futures and potential candidates of elected officials. Trump is still supporting candidates in the country ahead the 2022 midterms and campaigning against House Republicans who voted for his impeachment following the Jan. 6 riot.