TNT developing TV sequel series to Liam Neeson's Unknown

Liam Neeson at Unknown premiere in 2011. Photo courtesy of GABRIEL BOOUYS/AFP via Getty ImagesUnknown was Liam Neeson's 2011 movie. It sounds so much like a Liam Neeson movie, that you would be forgiven for not knowing it. However, it was a real movie about Martin Harris, a man who wakes up after a car accident, and discovers that another guy is Martin Harris. This makes Liam Neeson's characterdramatic pauseunknown. He is also being pursued by assassins, and there's an international conspiracy. There is a twist at its end that you may be able to guess. Or (if you're anything like a pop culture journalist who doesn't want to reveal the royal we persona from A.V. Club news stories: You may have seen the movie, but you might not remember it because of its generic title. But once you read the synopsis, you realized that it was a train station. It was a movie I've seen! And it made your brain wrinkle because that's kind of what the movie is all about.AdvertisementDespite the fact that Liam Neeson made over 30 movies since Unknown (many of which were better than Unknown), something about Unknown will never be forgotten. TNT today announced that it will be producing a TV series sequel to Unknown based on the movie. Jaume Collett-Serra, Unknown's director, is returning and Sean Finegan is writing. Karl Gajdusek (Stranger Things), and Speed Weed(Arrow) are serving as co-showrunners. According to a press release, the show will focus on a new lead character, who is forced into a mind-bending adventure filled with twists and turns. Martin Harris or Liam Neeson (or Martin Harris, as they are sometimes called) won't be stopping by, but who know? Because everyone is living under a fake identity, anything can happen. Also, nobody remembers the movie, so it doesn't matter anyway unless you are a writer who has bad memories of all the movies he has seen.