31 Problem-Solving Products Reviewers Say Worked 'Like A Charm'

Etsy - Green City LivingGreen City Living, a Denver-based business that sells eco-friendly home products, is small and local. They donate 2.5% to Climate Emergency Fund, an organisation that supports climate activists.Promising review: My husband calls the Bacon Sponge his Baconator! My carbon footprint has changed since the lockdown and the scarcity paper products. I no longer need to use several paper towels to clean up the grease from food. This time, all I needed was the bacon sponge spread across my cutting board. It worked like a charm to absorb the bacon grease. After soaking it in Dawn dish detergent for a while, I put it in the washer with my towels. It came out looking great and ready to go for the next round. It will be great with chicken and other foods. It is a top-quality product!" dvitolaIt's only $10.20 to get it from Green City Living on Etsy.