'Magic: The Gathering' adds an iconic 'Dungeons and Dragons' monster in new crossover card set

Magic: The Gathering will be joining Dungeons & Dragons. This means that these two houses will become one giant tabletop nerd mecha. Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, a new Magic set, will bring iconic Dungeon and Dragons monsters and spells to the card game next year. The collaboration will add 261 cards (excluding lands) to the game.Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, both tabletop fantasy gaming giants, have huge followings. Since 1997 when Wizards of the Coast purchased Dungeon and Dragons' original publisher, Wizards of the Coast also owns the 2018 sourcebook Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica.Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is the first time Dungeons and Dragons' legendary spells and monsters are included in Magic's standard cards sets.Collectors will be able to enjoy interesting art variations. All booster packs will include cards with the standard and showcase frame frames. These are the cards you would expect to see on Magic cards, as well as the cards with Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual-style art. Cards with borderless frames and art cards will be only available in set boosters. Collector boosters will not contain them, so be sure to open some of the collector boosters if you wish to get them.Mashable is pleased to announce two new Magic cards in the Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set. They are Baleful Beholder and Wish.Baleful BeholderMagic: The Gathering Adventures In The Forgotten Realms Baleful Betholder Credit: Wizards of the CoastThe Beholder, a legendary Dungeons and Dragons creature, is a spherical chonky boy that can fire 10 magical rays at once from his eyestalks. Baleful Black Creature, a common 6/5 Black Creature, is now available in Magic: The Gathering. It costs six mana to use, and two Black.Baleful Beholder is a costly purchase, but it's worth it. This many-eyed monster orb isn’t just a hard-hitting tank. You can choose between two powerful effects when playing Baleful Beholder.I spy with my 50 billion eye... Credit: Lars Grant West / Wizards of the CoastAntimagic Cone is the first, and it forces all your enemies to give up one enchantment. Although they can choose which cards to surrender, Antimagic Cone can still make a big impact on the game, especially if you don't have many options.Old school cool. Credit: Justine Jones/ Wizards of the coastIf you don't have any enchantments, Fear Ray may be the best choice. Fear Ray makes all creatures under your command a threat until the end, so your opponents will need to use two defenders for each creature to stop your attacks. This is especially useful if your army struggles to pass your opponent's defenses and keeps getting blocked by small disposable creatures.WishCredit: Wizards of the CoastWish is a ridiculous Rare Red Sorcery, which costs three mana and one Red. You can play it and Wish will let you play any card that you have from outside of the game during the current round. Yes, that's right. Any card.You will still need to pay the mana cost of your card, which can be difficult to meet after you have paid for Wish. This card offers many options and allows you to adapt to the deck of your opponent.It's a lot like making a Magic deck from scissors and paper. You need to be able to use your strategy against different types of players. Wish now is a great solution to situations when you long to play the perfect card in your collection.The Magic: The Gathering's Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will be released worldwide on July 23.