Tiger Global leads $31.5M investment in interactive edtech Quizizz ' TechCrunch

Quizizz, an Indian startup which makes learning more engaging so students are motivated to study more, announced Wednesday that it had raised $31.5 million in a new funding round.The Series B financing round was led by Tiger Global in the five-and a half-year-old startup. The new round also included existing investors Eight Roads Ventures Ventures and GSV Ventures as well as Nexus Venture Partners. Jerry Yang, Yahoo's co-founder, participated along with existing investors Nexus Venture Partners, Nexus Venture Partners, and GSV Ventures.Quizizz has raised $47 Million since March, when it closed its previous financing round. According to my earlier reports, the new round is valued at around $300 million.It was difficult for us to concentrate on school when we were young. In an interview with TechCrunch, Ankit Gupta, Quizizz's co-founder, stated that kids today are so distracted it is difficult to focus on school.Gupta, Deepak Cheenath and Quizizz's other co-founder, started Quizizz's startups journey at a Bangalore non-profit school, where they created several prototypes. Gupta said that the pair engaged in close contact with students and teachers in the U.S. the same year.Quizizz lets teachers and students create gamified lessons. These lessons are not required by teachers. If lessons are available, students can use them to help understand the concepts. Today, the platform hosts over 20 million quizzes.Gupta said that these lessons have made learning more enjoyable for students. He said that the platform allows teachers to spot students struggling to grasp any concept in real time and help them to overcome those gaps.This platform includes a variety of subjects, including computer science and english, mathematics, science, science, social studies world languages, and the creative arts.Quizizz has organically grown over the years with many classrooms using the platform today, stated Gupta. Teachers in more than 120 countries use the platform, and students answer over 300 million Quizizz questions each week. He said that Quizizz's largest market is the United States, where more than 80% of K-12 schools use it.Quizziz made it easy to transition from teaching in person during the pandemic. Since we are back in the building, I use it almost exclusively. Rory Roberts, a Brigantine Community School math teacher, stated that Quizizz has become almost an obsession for her.We conducted user testing with teachers in California this week. A video was taken of students cheering for their classmates in a Kenyan auditorium. Also, a group of teachers from Indonesia wearing Quizizz branded T-shirts received a thank-you note. Quizizzs Cheenath said that they were proud of the contribution our growing team and the teacher community have made to this movement.To keep pace with its growth, the startup will use the new capital to expand its staff in India and the U.S. The startup is also seeking partnerships to help accelerate its international expansion.