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One of my readers asked me this question: What advice would you give to a company facing difficulties during the pandemic?We are all sick of hearing about the pandemic. There is hope at the end this dark tunnel. Most industries are returning to pre-pandemic levels.Nevertheless, there are still companies that are struggling. While there were some companies and industries that thrived over the past year, others had to adapt to major changes in order to survive and remain open.The answer I'm about to give is not just for the past year or the pandemic. It also applies to any business that experiences negative events in the world and national, such as terrorism and even pandemics.Certain businesses can fail in difficult times. Many businesses respond by cutting costs and reducing employees. Some businesses close their doors. There are also industries that might not be affected. Groceries thrived during the pandemic. Amazon and other online retailers had a great year. There are also companies that you would think would be affected, but they somehow did well and continue doing so.Consider all that, as I share an answer for the original question. It was advice for businesses affected by the pandemic.Begin by getting together a group of people to brainstorm and share ideas. Begin the conversation by discussing the success stories of companies during the pandemic. This could also be a major downturn in business caused by outside or unforeseen circumstances. What was it that they did differently than before the pandemic? What did you think of the changes they made and what do you dislike?Next, determine if these changes could work for you. You don't need to keep it the same. This list can be used to spark your creativity and help you come up with ideas that could work for you. Once you have created your list, don't just look at it. Make it happen! It's possible. You can be more competitive within your own industry by adopting ideas from others who are successful in your field.This is a short answer to a big question. It is not the only solution. If you have a different answer, we'd love to hear it. Please feel free to share your thoughts!Shep Hyken, a keynote speaker, customer service expert and New York Times best-selling business author, is Shep Hyken. Contact for more information. Visit to learn more about The Customer Focus' customer service training programs. Follow @Hyken on Twitter Shep is a frequent contributor to 2021 Shep Hyken - Reprinted With Permission