Examining the Vaccine's Impact on Leisure Travel Demand : 4Hoteliers

Tripadvisor tracked the booking and planning habits of travellers around the globe over the past twelve months.In our previous research, we examined the effects of the pandemic in its early stages on travel demand. We also looked at emerging trends for travel over the course 2020 and made five predictions about the travel trends that we expect to see in 2021.The peak season for leisure travel is fast approaching. There are still questions about the speed of recovery in the global tourism and travel sectors. Some parts of the world, such as the United States, are seeing a rebound in demand. But others are less optimistic. What confidence do travelers have about booking travel, domestically and internationally? What impact is the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines on travel demand? What impact will the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations have on domestic tourism?This latest research report will help you answer these questions. It provides unique insight into what type of vacations people around the globe are planning to take, their travel plans and attitudes to international and domestic leisure travel in 2021.We have done this by analysing first party forward-looking data market data based upon first party clicks and search behavior on Tripadvisor as well as sentiment data gathered through traveler surveys in six major global markets (the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Australia).Highlights from our research:Trends in overall search for accommodation, dining, and experiencesInfluence of the vaccination rollout upon consumers' travel planning and booking habitsPlan your next big trip with Travelers - domestic or internationalThe Big PictureOur research at the beginning of the year revealed encouraging signs that travelers around the world were more certain that they could travel further afield in 2021, than in 2020. We also found that their determination was increasing.We surveyed over 2,400 people in six major markets as summer approaches to determine how these trends are developing and whether increased confidence was translating into travel planning and booking behavior.Our research has shown that consumers' attitudes towards travel are resilient. We found further evidence in our consumer sentiment analysis. Globally, more than a third (30%) of respondents were asked how they felt about travel in 2021. Another 37% (37%%) agreed with the statement "I want to travel as much" Three-thirds (33%) said they are more cautious about travel this year.This global picture does not reflect all of the facts. There were stark differences in consumer attitudes between markets. The U.S. respondents are the most committed to traveling - almost half (45%) of them reported feeling this way, while Japan's half (50%) are less optimistic about their plans.Click here to see the complete report