A man who jumped out of a plane's exit at LAX told the FBI he had bought 'a lot' of meth, court documents say

This file photo was taken on May 24, 2021. A traveler passes through the passenger tunnel at Los Angeles International Airport's new West Gates. AP Photo/Ashley Landis. FileOne man who leapt out of a plane said that he had bought "a lot" of meth days prior to jumping.According to court documents, Luis Armano Victoria Dominguez has been charged with opening an exit door for a plan at LAX.He could spend up to 20 years behind bars.For more stories, visit Insider's homepage.According to the Washington Post, a 33-year old man was charged with jumping from a plane at Los Angeles Airport.According to the Department of Justice, Luis Armano Victoria Dominguez has been charged with interfering with flight attendants and flight members following an incident aboard United Airlines Flight 5365 that took off from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), to Salt Lake City (UT) on Friday.Insider has seen a criminal complaint that claims that a passenger next to him said that he was going to jump out of the plane just as it was about take off. Victoria Dominguez is accused in a knocking on the cockpit door and opening the emergency escape, before hopping out of her plane. After injuring his right leg, he was taken to the hospital and arrested at the airport.He stated that he had arrived in Los Angeles earlier in the week from Mexico during an interview with the FBI. According to the complaint, he wanted to travel to Salt Lake City but ended up staying in a downtown hotel near a bus stop on Tuesday. This was due to him not having a connecting flight.According to the complaint, he told authorities that he had paid $20 to an unknown person for "a lot of" methamphetamine and drank several beers.Victoria Dominguez reported that he went to another hotel Wednesday, and that he had smoked all day. According to the complaint, he decided to fly to Utah rather than take the bus. He smoked more meth, and he headed to LAX on Thursday. However, he missed his flight.He returned to the airport on Friday and missed his afternoon flight. According to the complaint, he boarded the 6:30 p.m. plane where the incident took place.Continue the storyAccording to the complaint Victoria Dominguez claimed that he was going on a sleep-on-the-plane trip after having been under the influence for a week. However, he heard other passengers say the plane wasn't headed to Utah and it led to him experiencing a panic attack."Victoria Dominguez also stated that maybe his panic attack gave him strength to open the door," said the complaint.According to the DOJ, he faces 20 years imprisonment.Insider has the original article.