Ohio Dems Disrupt Vote on Amendment to Protect Women's Sports

An old saying goes: If the law is on your side then pound the law. If the facts are in your favor, pound them. If the facts and law are not on your side, pound them. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) summarized a joke that has been around for over a century. So did the Democrats in Ohio State House when Jena Powell, a Ohio state representative, proposed an amendment to protect women's sports.It is hard to believe that this chaos took place in the supposed deliberative, rule-making entity for Ohio. They don't know where they are. A zoo A construction site? Day care? It is almost (almost!) maddening enough that I am thankful for unelected bureaucrats who do most of America's legislating.Powell started by saying that across the country, women athletes are losing scholarships, opportunities and medals. Democrats began banging on their desks. One man shouted repeatedly, "Point of order."Powell bravely offered the amendment, despite rude objections from Democrats. The amendment was approved by 54-40 votes. The Ohio House voted with 57 to 36 to send Senate Bill 187 to the Senate.That was the most outraged moment I have ever heard in the two-and-a half years Ive been in the Legislature. Powell stated that it is rare for Ohio to see something like this on its House floor. Although I cannot speak for the Democrats, I do know that many Republicans felt it was out of place.Deliberative bodies such as the Ohio House have been following basic procedures since pre-Colonial days. This ensures that everyone has a chance to speak.We allow Democrats to speak if they disagree with us. Then, you can rebut them on the floor. Powell stated that instead of having a childish outburst, he continued to do so until Powell cut him off.Powell believed that the left becomes frustrated when it sees its opponents having freedom of speech. The left is determined to severely limit the freedom of speech for conservatives by controlling definitions, censoring speech platforms and cancelling individuals.It is sad that legislators are so enslaved by false ideologies that they can't even comprehend a short description of reality. It is sad that many Americans are unable to hear and respect the views of others.It is encouraging, on the other hand to see states continue to move forward in protecting women's sports. Alabama, Arkansas and Florida have all passed legislation protecting women's sports. In addition, 30 other states have introduced legislation protecting women's sports in 2021.The NCAA threatened to sue states that protect women's sports by holding championships or tournaments in other countries. The NCAA's threat of boycott collapsed because it was unable to enforce the law in states that have passed women's sports legislation.Although the Ohio Senate is likely to pass the bill to save women's sports, Gov. Republican Mike DeWine seems to be opposed. Powell stated that Governor DeWine's response was from someone who is afraid of the woke left.In an effort to enforce the transgender ideology, Woke corporations such as the NCAA have used the same tactics against other governors. However, state legislators have demonstrated that they are prepared to override those Governors' vetoes. Powell stated that if DeWine vetoes the Ohio Legislature's commonsense bill, Powell will override his veto.Original publication by the Family Research CouncilThe Daily Signal offers a wide range of perspectives. This article is not meant to represent the views of The Heritage Foundation.Do you have a comment about this article? Send us an email at [email protected] with your comments. We may publish them in our We Hear You section. Include the URL of the article or the headline, along with your name and the town/state.