Exclusive clip: DreamWorks animated series The Mighty Ones on Peacock

Screenshot: The Mighty OnesPeacock's partnership with DreamWorks Animation has allowed it to steadily build its family-friendly programming. The Boss Baby, Croods and Croods movie franchises remain active on the platform. There is also a growing library animated TV programs, such as Trolls: Trolltopia and Madagascar: A Little Wild. Archibalds Next Big Thing is Here! One of many shows that features Tony Forky Hale, and The Mighty Ones. It's kind of like The Backyardigans. (We are the proud parents of nieces and nephews who are well-versed in all aspects of magical TV.AdvertisementSunil Hall (Pickle and Peanut), and Lynne Naylor, (Samurai Jack) created The Mighty Ones to show the beauty of the outdoors in a unique way. Instead of following a group of children, the series focuses on a bunch litter, or trash. There's Rocksy (Jessica McKenna), a pebble called Rocksy, and Very Berry (Alex Cazares), and Leaf (Jimmy Tatro), a leaf, as well as Twig (Silicon Valleys Josh Brener), who is a stick-like Twig. The Mighty Ones call themselves the Mighty Twos and explore a neglected backyard that is dangerous. This is something we believe we should teach our children early. It's sweet to see seemingly insignificant bits of flotsam come together to overcome the odds. This exclusive Fur Mountain clip shows the quartet being broken upRocksy and Very Berry have to go in search of their friend Twig. He's actually having a great time at the summit.Although the DreamWorks productions of epic proportions have been reduced in size, Hall said that the studio was the perfect partner for this 2D, board-driven comedy. The grassy backgrounds are rich in detail: bits of pollen and reflective pools of water as well as textured moss. The underwater scenes are filled with vibrant colors. Even fur mountain's hideous fleas have distinctive, blood-sucking faces.The entire second season of The Mighty Ones can be streamed July 1 on Hulu and Peacock.