Lil Nas X announces debut album, Montero

Lil Nas X Photo: Rich Fury ( Getty Images)Lil Nas X, the industry movers and shakers has finally revealed his debut album. Mirroring Marvel's trailer style, the teaser showcases iconic moments from his career, including Old Town Road featuring Billy Ray Cyrus and his latest satanic panic-sparked video for Montero (Call me By Your Name).AdvertisementLil Nas X burst onto the music scene in 2019 with his country-trap song Old Town Road. It quickly became a viral hit. His first single sparked a revival of Black Western aesthetics as well as a greater understanding of Black people's role in c-owboy history. The song was remixed by Billy Ray Cyrus and Manson Ramsey from country, Young Thug from K-pop, and RM of BTS. The Country Music Awards were criticised for not nominating Old Town Road for a genre-bending artist after the album was released. In the past two years, Lil Nas X released several singles including Panini and Rodeo (feat. Sun Goes Down, Nas, Montero and Call Me By Your Name.Lil Nas X is pushing the boundaries of sexuality and gender expression in Black rap. He recently pole danced on SNL and had an affair with a male performer at the BET Awards. He also speaks out for gay people. He often draws on his own experiences as a gay Black man and the bullying that he has endured over the years to inform his music. He challenges the genre restrictions by fusing hip hop, pop, country and many other styles in the singles that he has released. Lil Nas X has become a household name in the past few years without releasing an album or EP. Nicki Minaj once stated, "What is it?" Yes, 50K for one verse, but no album. Yes, my money is so high that my Barbies can climb it.