28 Kitchen Gadgets Reviewers Swear Are Worth The Counter Space

AmazonPromising review: I love this compost bin! It's very well-designed. It was tested in all aspects. It is so much easier than lifting off a lid like my steel compost bin. It flips up/down easily. When you need to empty the container, it can be removed. The inside of the container is made from super smooth plastic so food won't get stuck. The majority of the waste is easily brushed off. After that, you can rinse it out and continue your day. I no longer need to purchase compost bags. It doesn't smell when it is in the container. It is too small. This is the one thing that I would change. It could be twice as large, a bit wider and taller. It is otherwise a fantastic product. It looks great on granite countertops! I was concerned it might look tacky because it's plastic. Susanne MillarIt's available on Amazon for $19.76+ and comes in two sizes. This guide will help you get started.