You can officially wear a vase now ' Future Blink

In China, developers built a 10-story building in 28 hoursResearchers created a pacemaker that dissolves in your body Future BlinkThis is not a good idea.Mike Pence shouldn't pursue a career as a comedian.Hint: This is yet another example of how the healthcare industry fails people in dire need.A little something to get you started.The little hops The graceful arches"He never gave any details about what would happen next."Evgeniia Kazarezova, a designer, created a vase that you can fill up with your favorite plants (if they are available 24/7).Here's a sneak peak at the innovations that will transform our daily lives in the near future.Get the top stories of today delivered straight to your inbox Loading... SubscribeYou agree to receive electronic communications from Mashable, which may include sponsored content or advertisements.